LTE: City should build Tollgate-Brookdale railway bypass road

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People who live near the CN Rail grade crossing have periodically complained about the loud sound of late night train horns. For road traffic, drivers may have noticed that CN Rail is operating longer freight trains that include a locomotive usually placed near the middle of such trains. Several months ago, a train stopped and blocked the Tollgate Road crossing for an extended duration that resulted in many cars on the east side of the tracks turning around and heading toward Pitt Street.

On the west side, traffic was able to divert via Ellen Avenue that connects to Pitt Street.

Railways are federally regulated and the new federal government wishes to invest in infrastructure development. While an overpass on Tollgate Road would be out of the question, a lower cost alternative may be considered in the form of a municipal road running parallel along the north side of the CN Rail tracks between Tollgate Road and Brookdale Avenue, where the intersection on the north side of the existing overpass and near the RV dealership would likely require traffic signals.

Such a road could allow for closure of the grade crossing on Tollgate Road.

Perhaps there may be opportunity for citizens to discuss the pros and cons of closing the grade crossing on Tollgate should federal/municipal authorities be willing to build a short road on the north side of the track, to allow for an indirect connection between the east and west sections of Tollgate Road.

Harry Valentine

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