Cornwall police officers checking parked vehicles

CORNWALL – When you’re out Christmas shopping in Cornwall, thieves might be doing some window shopping too…in your vehicle.

City police are hoping to put a stop to it as they take part in the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police “Lock It or Lose It” provincial campaign.

Police officers will be checking door handles on parked vehicles around the city and also taking a peek through the windows to see if you’ve left any valuables around.

If they find something wrong, a “report card” will be going on your windshield. If everything is good, the notice will also congratulate you on reducing an opportunity for a thief.

“Thieves know that an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation to crime. So is leaving your valuables in plain sight,” said Staff Sgt. Brian Snyder.

The campaign is supported by several agencies including the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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