Cornwall on government list to host Syrian refugees: report

(Photo/Choose Cornwall)

TORONTO – Cornwall is on a government list to receive Syrian refugees starting in less than two weeks, if the plan goes ahead.

A government document obtained by CTV News shows the “Operation Syrian Refugees” plan will fly them in at a rate of up to 900 per day to airports in Toronto and Montreal.

From there, they will be transported to places nearby as well as Cornwall and Trois-Riveres, Que.

The refugees would most likely be housed at the Nav Canada facility on Montreal Road.

The mission would start as early as Dec. 1.

The Syrians – coming from Lebanon, Jordan and possibly Turkey – would undergo biometric examination, such as fingerprints, as well and health screenings.

Adding to the cost of the plan will be government workers punching the clock during the Christmas holidays in order to meet Prime Minister Trudeau’s target for 25,000 refugees in Canada before the year is out.

Cornwall is no stranger to housing displaced people, having housed hundreds of residents of the Kashechewan First Nation in Northern Ontario during spring flooding.

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