State of emergency for Newington water supply

Two South Stormont firefighters survey the rubble of a house fire in Newington, Ont. on Nov. 16, 2015. South Stormont has declared a state of emergency for the village's water supply. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

Editor’s note: Story has been corrected from an earlier version to remove reference to clothes washing. Water can only be used for washroom use.

NEWINGTON – A day after a large house fire, South Stormont has declared a state of emergency for the village’s water supply.

The fire, which levelled a two-storey home on Fairground Drive, also resulted in an oil spill near the main well for the village.

South Stormont, under the guidance of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, has put a do-not-use water advisory in effect for the 100 homes in Newington as a precaution.

Residents are also getting notices delivered to their door as well as bottled water.

In the meantime, Newington residents are being directed to only use the water for washroom use – not for drinking or bathing.

The municipality said the Ministry of Environment is taking samples in order to determine next steps.

In a statement, the municipality said, so far, no adverse water samples have come back.

“Our thoughts are with the family who has lost their home and secondly, with the residents of Newington,” Mayor Jim Bancroft said.

South Stormont is also declaring the emergency so it’s documented, should it need to ask for government assistance.

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