SD&G watching Montreal sewage dump

SD&G – Cornwall environmental groups will be watching what’s transpiring in Montreal tonight (Tuesday).

The Quebec city will start dumping eight billion liters of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River, starting at midnight, and it will last for roughly a week.

Mayor Denis Coderre said it is with no light heart that the city is proceeding with this decision, but it’s run out of options.

The federal environment minister approved the release on condition that the department is updated on water quality readings.

Dr. Jeff Ridal with the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences is opposed to the plan.

He said it will put things in the river normally removed by wastewater treatment and sends a “very conflicting message” to the public that some entities are allowed to discharged untreated waste while others are not.

In a release, Dr. Ridal said the event would likely not affect Cornwall or SD&G communities along the river because the discharge will be downstream.

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