Denis Carr is now a city councillor

Denis Carr, left, sits in the public gallery with Cornwall Infrastructure Manager Stephen Wintle during a council meeting Nov. 9, 2015. Carr signed a declaration of office Nov. 10, 2015 making him the newest member of council as he takes the seat vacated by Brock Frost. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – Denis Carr is now a Cornwall city councillor.

Less than 24 hours after city councillors decided to pick the next eligible candidate from the 2014 election, Carr signed his declaration at city hall Tuesday afternoon.

The man who finished eleventh – Guy St-Jean – was not interested in the job, having moved to Florida, leaving the position fall to Carr.

Even though St-Jean had sold his Cornwall condominium and was not a ratepayer, Deputy Clerk Manon Levesque explained to Cornwall Newswatch that he could have moved back before a declaration was signed, making him eligible again.

The former councillor and president of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce signed the declaration of office Tuesday afternoon.

“It all happened very quickly…he’s officially a councillor as of today,” Levesque said.

Carr could take a symbolic oath of office during the Nov. 23 council meeting but it may not be required, as it will be up to the meeting organizers.

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