Arts collective gala raises over $2,500

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CORNWALL/SOUTH GLENGARRY – A Halloween gala has raised over $2,500 for the Collective for a Center for the Arts.

The Friday night costumed social event at the Cornwall Golf and Country Club featured a showcase of the three giants of local amateur theatre – Edith Styles, Lionel Tessier and Tom Thompson.

The trio still has ties to Vagabond Theatre and the Seaway Valley Theatre Company.

Local MPP Jim McDonell presented the three with awards to mark their involvement.

The Center for the Arts Collective has been around since late 2013 to “engage the broader community in the long held dream of a multi-art culture center.”

Organizers said at least 100 people were there Friday night at $25 per ticket.

A feasibility study on the proposed arts center is expected in January.

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