William Wise restitution case to be heard in new year

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – A restitution hearing for former Cornwall alderman William Wise won’t be heard until the new year.

The hearing has been scheduled for January 20, 2016 (2:30 p.m. Pacific) in a San Francisco courtroom.

What’s not clear is who will be representing Wise at the hearing.

Court documents show Paul Wolf submitted a motion to withdraw as the counsel of record and that motion was granted Oct. 20.

William Wise was sentenced in February 2015 to 22 years in prison for his part in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 1,200 people out of more than $75 million U.S.

He pled guilty in September 2012 to 17 counts of major fraud and conspiracy tied to the sale of certificates of deposit associated with offshore banks.

This has marked the fourth time the restitution hearing has been delayed.

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