Election sign theft in South Stormont

In this video screen grab from a Liberal supporter in South Stormont, someone bolts from the back door of this light coloured vehicle to grab an election sign off the supporter's front lawn. In the same video about five minutes earlier, the same people can been seen snatching an NDP sign across the street. (Photo/Video/Supplied)

SDSG – An apparent case of election sign theft has happened on the eve of the federal election in SDSG.

Late Sunday night, a security video (available below) was provided to the media by Liberal campaign worker Justin Towndale, on behalf of a local resident and supporter.

In the video, people in a light coloured vehicle can been seen snatching Liberal and NDP signs from the front lawns of two homes in South Stormont.

The vehicle – possibly a Chevrolet HHR – stops and someone grabs an NDP sign off a neighbour’s lawn before the vehicle comes back in the opposite direction to grab the Liberal sign about five minutes later.

The time stamp on the video shows the incident happened just before 1 a.m. Saturday.

The location is believed to be Long Sault.

Towndale indicated in an email to Cornwall Newswatch, SD&G O.P.P. have been notified.

“These sort of activities need to stop as they do not benefit anyone, and cast a negative shadow on a democratic process,” Towndale wrote.

Anyone with information should call SD&G O.P.P. at 1-888-310-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

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