Girls on wheels expanding their charity work


CORNWALL – With an underlying goal of women helping women, the Seaway Roller Derby Girls will hold a fundraiser this weekend, which will help out Baldwin House.

The group of roughly a dozen women has been raising money for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) research the past two years through their casino night. In the last two years, the event has raised over $4,000.

Seaway Roller Derby Girls spokeswoman Nicole Lacas told Cornwall Newswatch the fund raising was started through Angele Kisnics, who had family members and friends affected by CF.

That event was held in April and, this year, the group decided to expand its charity work.

“We figured throughout the year there were different ones (charities) that we could do. This year we figured we would focus on Baldwin House, just because we are a group of women playing a sport and we thought that there’s not as much publicity (for Baldwin House) to show what they do,” Lacas said.

That event for Baldwin House is a “Roller Disco” night, being held tomorrow night (Saturday) at the Agora Catholic Center at 301 McConnell Avenue.

“Anybody who’s interested in doing the roller disco for fun, they can bring a nice pair of clothing…or it could be food, it could be kitchen supplies, anything that’s useful would definitely be very grateful for one thing per attendee,” Lacas said.

There’s also an ongoing clothing and article drive until the week before Christmas for Baldwin House, which provides services for abused woman and their children.

You can get more information on the events on the Seaway Roller Derby Girls website or their Facebook page.



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