LTE: TPP a ‘flawed’ and bad deal

Dear Editor,

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is a bad deal negotiated in secret without any public input. The TPP will cost the Canadian auto sector the loss of 20,000 good-paying jobs and shrink the supply management system for Canadian dairy and poultry farmers and jeopardize the future of thousands of dairy and poultry farmers and their families. It will give more foreign corporations the right to dictate Canadian policy, lead to higher costs for prescription drugs for Canadians, and threaten internet freedom.

What other surprises will we learn when the full details of the TPP trade deal are released in a month, two weeks after the October 19th federal election? How convenient for the Harper Conservatives and the Trudeau Liberals who support the TPP. The NDP will not be bound by the Harper Government’s secret, flawed TPP trade deal.

Canadians deserve a better deal. The NDP is fighting to protect good-paying Canadian jobs and industries and our family farms and communities.

Brian Lynch

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