Fluoride objectors ramping up before council meeting

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CORNWALL – A part-time St. Lawrence College teacher and IT worker is leading the charge against putting additional fluoride back in the city’s drinking water.

Cornwall resident Jason Pichie is driving a change.org petition to stop adding fluoride to the municipal water system.

He has collected just over 300 electronic signatures since Sept. 30

City council is scheduled to decide Oct. 13 whether to make a $325,000 upgrade to the system to bring water fluoridation back online.

The city’s water supply hasn’t had fluoride added (fluoride naturally occurs in most water) since 2013 after the dispensing system broke.

Since then, the fluoride debate has been a long and heated one, including an episode in December 2014 when city hall had to add keylock security to its mailbox after anti-fluoride propaganda got into councillors mailboxes.

In 2013, the city treated about 12 billion liters of water or enough to fill 4,800 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


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