LTE: Even with health inspections, buyer beware

I assume that citizens ought to be thankful that the medical officer of health intends to be more vigilant in regard to inspecting restaurants. We’ve certainly advised that too much sugar in our diet contributes to tooth decay, diabetes, cardiac disease, hyperactivity, obesity and other maladies. Same story with hydrogenated oils, a.k.a. trans-fats, causing health problems and excess sodium (salt) leading to high blood pressure.

So restaurants that offer delicacies that are loaded with sugar, salt and trans-fats will be inspected on the whether they wash the floors, wash their hands, wash the walls, keep their refrigerators clean as well as their staff uniforms while rats and cockroaches will be evicted from the premises. The kitchens, eating areas, and toilets will be impeccable and the restaurants will be given a clean bill of health that will be prominently posted in their windows.

Several years ago, a popular feves-au-lard establishment in Quebec that was renowned for their extraordinarily tasty offerings, attracted the attention of health authorities for some reason and they came to inspect hygiene issues. The choice of bean affected several customers’ digestion, with resulting intensity of the gas situation under the sheets at some homes having sent several significant others to seek refuge in either the guest room or living room. And the established received a clean bill of hygiene from the health officials.

Harry Valentine

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