COMMENTARY: He’s a terrorist but he will always be Canadian

“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” That disturbing comment from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during the Munk political debate this week. It would seem to suggest once you have landed in this country it’s a free ticket for eternity even if you commit crimes against our very establishment and government of the day.

Trudeau is against a proposed bill, C-24, that would strip dual-citizens of their Canadian citizens if convicted of offences related to spying, treason or terrorism.

Trudeau said, breaking it down to standards “devalues” citizenship. In fact, it’s increases the value. How do you think hundreds of law-abiding immigrants feel when a bad apple or a terrorist is allowed to stay in this country, in spite of their evil doing?

Canada wouldn’t be the first country to revoke citizenship for dual-citizens for crimes against the country. The practice also happens in the United States and it’s being proposed in Australia. England went a step further stripping citizenship for acts of terrorism or disloyalty even if it makes people stateless.

Citizenship may be a right if you were born here but for those that come to our country (holding citizenship in another country) and assimilate, it should be seen a treated as a privilege – a privilege to be in a peaceful Canadian society from whatever war-ravaged or inflicted country from where you came.

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