Three options for Cornwall zoning changes for home-based business

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CORNWALL – The city’s planning committee will gauge public feedback next week on three options for changing the zoning bylaw when it comes to home-based business.

The three options are outlined in a report for councillors ahead of Monday’s meeting.

One option is the status quo. The other is creating a “seasonal/temporary” home business classification.

The final option is introducing an exemption clause for “lemonade stands, bake sales, yard sales, or similar temporary and infrequent activities on one’s private property.”

There’s also a proposed change to sign requirements, allowing for one sign and an increase in the size of that sign to two square feet (0.19 square meters).

It would also allow the name of the business and name of the homeowner.

The public meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Monday (Sept. 21) at city hall.

PAC will mostly likely make a recommendation for council immediately following the public meeting on Monday.

The issue over signs and home-based businesses came up after a national media spotlight on a Cornwall family that was given written notice to take down signage and to stop commercial transactions from their home, associated with their sons’ worm business.

The bylaw has been amended many times, however the original document is from 1969.

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