Job climate ‘moderate’ through end of 2015: Manpower

CORNWALL – Many employers in the Cornwall area appear to be keeping an even keel, when it comes to their staff, heading into the final months of 2015.

The Manpower Employment Outlook survey released this week shows just over eight out of every 10 employers asked are not anticipating any changes for October through December.

Of the local businesses asked, seven per cent plan to hire staff, seven per cent are planning cutbacks, 83 per cent are keeping their staffing levels as is and three per cent were unsure.

“It’s gives us the impression that organizations are very much looking at staying status quo,” spokeswoman Lisa MacInnis told Cornwall Newswatch.

“There’s some bigger things that maybe at place as well. There seems to be some market instability that we see,” MacInnis said when asked why there isn’t an uptick in hiring heading into the Christmas season.

“Organizations are just looking at playing it safe with the existing staff that they have.”

While the overall employment outlook is down from the last quarter (July-September) the position is about eight percentage points higher than the same period last year.

She believes a couple factors – the talk about a technical recession and a looming federal election – may also be playing into the results in the last quarter.

If you’re looking for a job, you’re best bets are the the wholesale and retail trade sectors and the transportation sector, said MacInnis.

The results are very similar to the Canadian average where 1,900 employers asked show just over three-quarters were keeping the status quo, 11 per cent were hiring, nine per cent planned to trim staff and three per cent were unsure.

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