LTE: Living up to promises for veterans

Dear Editor,

As Canadians, we owe a great deal to veterans who put their lives on the line for our country. Yet Stephen Harper and his party have disrespected the men and women who have fought for us.

Under the Conservatives, veterans who need mental health services wait months, even years, for help. This is simply not acceptable.

I know our veterans deserve better. A Liberal government will give veterans and their families respect and appreciation, so that they don’t have to fight for the support they have earned.

We will re-establish the option of a lifelong pension for veterans injured while serving their country. This will restore their ability to choose the form of compensation that works best for them and their families. We will also expand access to income support for veterans with injuries limiting their career options and strengthen the program that protects the salaries of those in rehabilitation.

We will hire 400 new service delivery staff, re-open the nine service offices the Conservatives closed, create two new centres of excellence in veteran’s care, and implement the Auditor General’s recommendations on mental health services.

A Liberal government will provide support for up to four years of college, university or technical education for veterans after the end of their service. This benefit will help ease their transition into civilian life and enhance their labour force skills.

We will also invest $100 million to expand support for the families of veterans, including education, counselling, and training for care-givers and support for veterans living with physical or mental health issues as a result of their service.

Finally, Liberals will double the funding for the Last Post Fund to ensure that every veteran receives a dignified burial, regardless of their financial means. We will also increase the survivor’s pension.

Like all Canadians, I believe our veterans stand for the very best of what it means to be Canadian. For many, their commitment has come at a high cost. Liberals will ensure that our veterans and their families can look forward to the kind of future they are rightly owed.

Yours sincerely,
Bernadette Clement
Liberal candidate for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

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