Cornwall Transit now on Google Maps, Transit 360

The Transit 360 app, for the iPhone, in action. Both Transit 360 and Google Maps are now supporting transit information for Cornwall, Ont. (Photo/MindSea)

CORNWALL – Checking for the next bus in Cornwall is as close as a transit app for iPhone or Google Maps.

The popular search engine’s mapping has added the city’s transit data, including the ability to search for nearby bus stops.

Cornwall Transit Division Manager Len Tapp said it’s an exciting development for the service.

The service is free for the city to take part in.

The information was compiled by a summer co-op student from Algonquin College and overlooked by the city’s GIS applications specialist, before it was sent to Google.

As well, Halifax-based app development company, MindSea, announced last month its flagship app, Transit 360, was now supporting Cornwall Transit information.

According to the company, Cornwall is one of 40 cities that are on the app.

The app is available for iPhone on the company’s website.

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