Cornwall vehicle junkie planning fifth book

Cornwall author Michael Hozjan has printed his fourth edition of Adrenaline Klassic Plus magazine, with plans for a fifth edition. (Photo/Cornwall Business Enterprise Center)

CORNWALL – Once a local motorhead, always a local motorhead.

That’s how you could describe Michael Hozjan, who has printed his fourth Adrenaline Klassic Plus magazine, with plans to put together a fifth.

The Cornwall entrepreneur has come full circle, starting out with a love of cars, but other industries he’s worked in have brought him back to his true love.

“I have a photo of myself taken when I was about five years old. I’m sitting in the kitchen on a small stool. All around me are toy cars of various sizes, one motorcycle, a plane, a toy camera and an old Underwood typewriter. While I never really thought much about that picture, when I started writing for Wheelspin News on that same typewriter, I realized that my life was laid out right there in that photo,” Hozjan said, “Producing Adrenaline Klassic Plus, is the culmination of everything in my life since I was five years old, and I love doing it.”

The full-colour, bilingual magazine is more like a book at 160 pages while he has a smaller 48 page edition, an off-shoot publication he gives out at trade shows and racetracks.

The magazine, which is $14.95, also features interviews with designers and builders, photos of miniatures, traders as well as the artistic community.

Hozjan was profiled by the Cornwall Business Enterprise Center for its Entrepreneurs in Action series.

You can find out more about the magazine and where to buy it on the Klassic Plus website or on their Facebook page.

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