Kraft layoff numbers won’t be released for Ingleside plant

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INGLESIDE – It’s not known how a set of layoffs announced Wednesday will affect the Kraft plant in Ingleside.

The recently-merged company of Kraft Heinz announced today they are eliminating approximately 2,500 positions across the U.S. and Canada, 700 of those at the Northfield, Ill. operations.

Most, if not all, were salaried employees and not workers on the floor at various plants.

In an email to Cornwall Newswatch, Senior Vice President Michael Mullen said they are “not breaking down the number (of layoffs) with the exception of our co-headquarters in Northfield.”

The statement also points to striving for better efficiencies as the reason for the layoffs in order to realize future growth.

“We appreciate the many contributions our colleagues have made to our Company, and we are committed to treating all impacted individuals with the utmost respect and dignity throughout this process. We regret the impact this has on employees and their families. The Company is offering generous severance benefits with a minimum of six months and outplacement services to make this transition as smooth as possible, and to help impacted employees pursue new career opportunities,” Mullen wrote.

An unconfirmed media report said a social media post from a person, identified as a Kraft Ingleside worker, suggested some people were escorted from the plant at 70 Dickinson Drive.

This wouldn’t be the first downsizing for Kraft in the region.

In 2008, the company announced it was shutting down its Williamstown plant and moving its swiss cheese-making operations to Ingleside.

There are roughly 400 workers at the Ingleside factory, according to the Township of South Stormont’s list of major employers.

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