Businesses should prepare for new minimum wage: chamber

CORNWALL – The city’s business voice is giving businesses the head’s up they need to prepare for the new minimum wage hikes coming this fall.

“Businesses should also know that Employment Standards officers may visit them to verify compliance with a number of regulatory guidelines,” said Cornwall Chamber of Commerce President Denis Carr. “They will seek to confirm compliance on a broad range of employment standards requirements.”

Wage levels for various works will go up Oct. 1. They are:

  • Standard minimum wage — $11.25 (from $11.00)
  • Student minimum wage — $10.55 (from $10.30)
  • Liquor servers — $9.80 (from $9.55)
  • Home workers — $12.40 (from $12.10)

What could also change are the Employment Standards and Labour Relations Acts, both of which could be amended to keep pace with the changing needs of workers and employers, the chamber said.

It has posted more information on the regulations for businesses on its website.

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