River closure to boat traffic continues through Monday

The tugboat Sharon M I pulls a barge carrying the recovered Lac Manitoba tugboat on its way to the scrapyard in Hamilton, Ont. The Lac Manitoba sank June 22, 2015 in the St. Lawrence River while trying to position a barge for demolition work on the Three Nations Bridge. (Photo/Helen Mott)

CORNWALL — A closure to all marine traffic along a section of the St. Lawrence River at Cornwall will continue through Monday.

McKeil Marine indicated Thursday it needed more time to recover the work tugboat LCM 131, which is capsized near the Three Nations Bridge.

The area of the river that is off-bounds is 675 meters (2,215 feet) upstream of the bridge to 600 meters (1,968 feet) downstream.

McKeil Marine is hoping to lift the LCM 131 by week’s end. The area is also not safe because of cables extended from the barge OC 181.

Meanwhile, the removed Lac Manitoba passed through the Iroquois Locks on its way to the scrapyard in Hamilton, Ont.

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