Koala Place secures funding for next two years

Koala Place on Pitt Street in Cornwall, Ont. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

CORNWALL – A center helping young victims and their families work through the criminal justice system has secured operational funding for the next two years.

The federal government announced last week Koala Place will receive $80,000 in funding for this fiscal year and another $80,000 for the following year.

The money will be used to enhance work at the center on Pitt Street, such as its Multi-Disciplinary Team made up of health, police, child protection, mental health, Crown Attorney and medical workers.

The center helps children through the court process, either as a victim or a witness, to reduce the emotional and mental strain of the ordeal.

“Koala Place would not have come so far, so quickly, to address the critical issue of child abuse if not for the (Justice Canada) support. This investment will allow us to further enhance and improve our center to ensure that children, youth and families receive services that are coordinated, consistent, child/youth friendly, culturally relevant, age appropriate, and not duplicated,” said Koala Place Executive Director Elyse Lauzon-Alguire.

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