LTE: Kids being kids

Oh my God, this is so sad what this city bylaw has caused. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In my opinion, all the neighbors near the Cadieux are very friendly and I doubt if they complained because they all allow the boys to pick worms on their property.

It’s almost sickening that the city has got to pick on two innocent kids.

Word travels fast in a small town like Cornwall and I hate to mention any names but another business that sells worms went to the kids and offered the kids 50 cents a dozen to buy worms.  It is a known fact that this guy sells his worms at different locations for $5.00 a dozen. Just saying.

This has completely gotten out of hand.

It has been said before let kids be kids. If they want to sell worms then let them sell worms. If kids want to sell lemonade for 20 cents a glass, then let them sell lemonade.

Bylaw, bylaw bylaw is almost as stupid as some people that make them.

Elaine Williams

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