Water advisory lifted for South Glengarry

(Newswatch Group/File)

SOUTH GLENGARRY – The regional health unit has lifted a “Do Not Use Water” advisory for residents in South Glengarry who draw water from the St. Lawrence River.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit said Friday afternoon the precautionary measure has been lifted effective immediately.

On Thursday, the Canadian Coast Guard had removed the majority of the diesel fuel, some 9,000 liters, on board the Lac Manitoba tugboat.

The health unit said it’s been told by Environment Canada the remainder of the salvage operation “will post no significant health risk.”

The plan is to raise the ship Friday after special lift points were welded on the side of the hull.

A “Do Not Consume Advisory” is still in place for several Akwesasne islands and will stay that way until the salvaging operations are all done.

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