Glengarry Memorial Hospital gets operational funding increase

The Glengarry Memorial Hospital on County Road 43 in Alexandria, Ont. has received a top-up to its operational funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health. It was among 56 hospitals to receive the funding. (Photo/Google Maps)

ALEXANDRIA – Glengarry Memorial Hospital is getting a top-up from the Ontario government for its operational funding.

The Ministry of Health announced last week that 56 small hospitals across the province would be getting a share of $7 million to improve patient care.

For the hospital on County Road 43 in Alexandria, that means approximately $100,000 or one per cent of its budget, which is just over $10 million.

CEO Linda Morrow told Cornwall Newswatch they are going to spread the extra money over a number of areas.

It will be used for staffing and critical education on their new medication packaging and dispensing machines.

The pharmacist at Glengarry Memorial Hospital is contracted through North West Telepharmacy Solutions in Ottawa but there are one full-time and two part-time pharmacy technicians.

The money will add one full-time equivalent (FTE) position to that department, said Morrow.

There will also be more training in nursing with respect to the hospital’s electronic medical records system.

“There are so many places we can use it (the additional funding),” the CEO said.

While she’s grateful for the extra money, Morrow said it doesn’t go far enough.

“When you think about the freeze on hospitals and the natural drain on supplies and equipment and contracts with staffing, one per cent doesn’t cover off the increase every year hospitals are falling behind,” she said.

Morrow said smaller hospitals like Glengarry feel the effects of funding shortfalls because their overheads are much higher.

“We wish it was more, we’re glad we’re getting something and hopefully we won’t have to cut service and that’s the goal,” Morrow said.

The Cornwall Community Hospital and the Winchester District Memorial Hospital don’t fall within the province’s definition of a small hospital and, as such, received no funding from this announcement.

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