Calypso Water Park fined for safety violations

OTTAWA – Calypso Water Park will have to pay $500,000 for safety violations during the early years of operation of the Limoges, Ont. venue.

In a written decision delivered Monday, Judge Julie Lauzon levelled the fines in the amount of $400,000 plus $100,000 for the 25 per cent victim surcharge.

The water park was found guilty in April on six of 11 safety-related charges logged by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority in 2011 and 2012.

The charges surrounded cases where patrons were injured on the Steamer slide and the Bobsleigh water slide.

The amount of the fine is 10 per cent of the maximum allowable ($4 million) and for a first time offender, Judge Lauzon felt it was reasonable to send a message to other amusement parks about protecting the safety of the public, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Lawrence Greenspon, lawyer for Calypso, noted the fine was half what the prosecution had asked for and told Ottawa reporters this was part of the “early growing pains” of the park which have been resolved.

Greenspon explained that the park has come a long way, in terms of safety training, since its early days in 2011.

There are still some civil lawsuits pending from water park-goers who were injured.

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