St. Lawrence River north channel around tugboats closed to boats

The St. Lawrence River around the City of Cornwall has been shut down to boat traffic until Aug. 5. In this map, the area in red is off limits to boats unless they're involved in the cleanup. (Photo/McKeil Marine)

CORNWALL — As cleanup begins in earnest this week on the sunken tugboat Lac Manitoba, the federal transport ministry has shut down the St. Lawrence River to boat traffic.

There had originally been a plan to have a small strip of water against the north shore of Cornwall Island open to boats but that has changed.

The area of the St. Lawrence River that is closed is around the tugboats Lac Manitoba and LCM 131, 675 meters (2,214 feet) upstream of the Three Nations Bridge to 600 meters (1,968 feet) downstream.

The closure started Friday and will be in effect until Aug. 5.

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System’s original draw-down of the river to control the current (which would have affected levels in Lake St. Louis and Lake St. Francis) was cancelled Thursday until further notice.

Meantime, a 300 meter (980 foot) section of the waterfront trail has been closed from the new bridge to USA to just west of Rotary Lane and will be closed for roughly the same amount of time.

A detour along the north side of Lamoureux Park is in place.

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