Tugboat danger zone marked off; rigging being installed

This drawing shows the danger zone (red) around the tugboat Lac Manitoba and the safe navigation channel (blue) for boaters. Nadro Marine, along with Eastern Canada Response Corporation and the Canadian Coast Guard, are starting to install rigging in preparation for de-fueling the Lac Manitoba tugboat, possibly next week. Click photo to enlarge. (Photo/McKeil Marine)

CORNWALL – The owners of the Lac Manitoba tugboat have marked off an area where the public should not go as it gets ready to salvage fuel from the vessel.

The so-called safe zone (outside the danger zone) will be in effect starting Monday and will be in place until approximately Aug. 15, said Nadro Marine.

Equipment is being brought to the site and installation of rigging is taking place.

Schematics show the rigging cables will be run from four supports on the Three Nations Bridge to the salvaging barge, which will be located next to the Lac Manitoba. A fifth cable will run north to the shoreline next to the waterfront trail.

A portion of the waterfront trail lies within the danger area, according to the drawing. There has been no official word from the City of Cornwall whether the section of trail is closed, though presumably it would be, considering it’s a restricted area.

Nadro Marine said the south side channel will remain open for boats during salvaging operations.

Meantime, daily monitoring of the site continues, said the company.

The Canadian Coast Guard has told Cornwall Newswatch there’s roughly 9,000 liters of diesel fuel and a small amount of oil to recover from the 64 foot tugboat.

The tugboats Lac Manitoba and LCM 131 sank June 22 while trying to position a barge with a crane for work on decommissioning the Three Nations Bridge.

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