Name a horse at Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village showed off its latest addition to its horse family on July 16, 2015. There's a contest to name the male Canadian foal ahead of the Horse Lovers' Weekend in September. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

SOUTH DUNDAS – This is the 350th anniversary of Canada’s national horse and Upper Canada Village is pulling out all the stops…especially for children.

The village, east of Morrisburg, showed off its latest addition to reporters Thursday — a Canadian foal born at the village last month.

The baby is called the “C Foal” because it will be have a name starting with “C”. The young one is the offspring of 13-year-old mare “Misty” and 10-year-old stallion “Rhett”, who are both at the village.

That’s where a contest comes into play, asking the young to submit name suggestions (the contest is geared mostly to people 18 and younger but is open to all).

In addition to starting with “C”, UCV spokeswoman Susan Le Clair said the name should be practical and suit his personality. The young male foal was timid at first but quickly warmed up to reporters’ cameras and was also licking and nibbling hands.

The contest winner will be the Grand Marshall in the Canadian Horse Parade during Horse Lovers’ Weekend on Sept. 5, as well as admission to UCV and lunch at Willard’s Hotel.

Entries are being taken until 5 p.m. on Aug. 23. You can enter in person at the Discovery Center or fill out an entry form online.

Don Cook, a horse driver at UCV, told Cornwall Newswatch the breed started in 1665 when Louis XIV brought a group of the horses to New France.

The hearty breed, known as the Little Iron Horse for its strong legs and good stature, transformed life for people. It became an all-around equine for clearing land, working the fields, transportation as well as recreation and business.

Upper Canada Village has 25 registered Canadian horses.

The Canadian horse was named the National Horse of Canada in 2002.

Click on a photo below to open a gallery of images of the foal and his mother.

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