Election Day in Akwesasne

AKWESASNE – Residents of Akwesasne are going to the polls today (Saturday) to pick a new grand chief and district chiefs.

Polls open at 9 a.m. and will be open until 5 p.m. at three locations: the Snye Recreation Center, the Tri District Elders Lodge and the St. Regis Recreation Center.

Whatever the turnout, Akwesasne will have a new grand chief as Mike Mitchell’s name is not on the list of official candidates.

Running for the top post are Brian David, Abram Benedict and Emmy Lazore Mitchell.

As for district chiefs, there are 18 names on the ballot for Cornwall Island, 12 for St. Regis and 12 for Snye.

Voters cast their ballot for one grand chief and for 12 district chiefs, four representing each of the three districts.

The 13-member Mohawk Council of Chiefs will serve a three year term.

Advance polls were held last weekend and on Wednesday.

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