Coast Guard leads cleanup, TSB leads investigation on tugboat mishap

A tugboat, center, capsized on the St. Lawrence River near the north channel bridge on June 22, 2015. The crew managed to escape the boat before it overturned. (Photo/Angie Primeau)

Editor’s note: This story is corrected from an earlier version to show there are two leads on the tugboat mishap. Coast Guard is still a lead but on the cleanup. This is also not the final report for the Coast Guard.

CORNWALL – The Canadian Coast Guard and Transportation Safety Board continue to work on their respective parts of an investigation into the cleanup and pollution associated with the sinking of a couple tugboats.

The two ships – the Lac Manitoba and LCM 131 – sunk Monday within hours of each other as they attempted to position a barge with a crane to continue demolition on the north channel bridge.

The Coast Guard said Wednesday the Transportation Safety Board is the lead agency investigating these incidents.

The Coast Guard is the head of the cleanup operation.

In a media statement, Coast Guard spokeswoman Carol Launderville said the sheening on the water associated with spilled diesel fuel has been reduced significantly.

Several agencies are monitoring the shoreline for any pollution.

The Coast Guard is also addressing potential wildlife issues and encourages people to report soiled wildlife by calling 519-583-1080.

Divers are expected to be in the water before the end of the work week.

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