New ad deal for Colts, River Kings; dealing with River Kings ‘getting tiresome’ says Colts owner

CORNWALL – The head of the Cornwall Colts believes the team can survive – at least for next season – under a new three-year deal with the city for advertising revenue at the civic complex.

Council endorsed the option to split the ad revenue 70-30 between the Cornwall Colts and Cornwall River Kings.

Many councillors expressed disappointment the two clubs couldn’t work out a deal on their own and felt the issue was being dumped in council’s lap.

The new contract brings the biggest change to the Colts, which had entire control of advertising under the proviso they would share ad revenue with the River Kings.

“The understanding…I never had exclusivity. The words were I have exclusivity but you have to make a deal with the Cornwall River Kings. So they’ve basically had opportunities in three years to have up to 20, 25 per cent of advertising. First year, they had it all…I sold them all the advertising rights,” Cornwall Colts owner Ian MacInnis told Cornwall Newswatch.

MacInnis said with all the support from fans and sponsors he was prepared for Monday night’s decision. The deflated owner said he was not “going down that road again…it takes up a lot of my time,” MacInnis added.

The head of the CJHL hockey team believes the economic impact the Colts have on the city is lost on city brass.

As for dealing with the River Kings and the revolving door of ownership – “it’s getting tiresome,” MacInnis said.

“I’m a big boy. The question is do I choose to stay or do we choose to leave? That’s how it works.”

MacInnis admits he looked around at other options. “Nobody does this…nobody shares a rink.” But he did give indications Monday night that the Colts will be in operation at least for next season.

River Kings accuse council of playing favourites

Shortly after the council meeting, Cornwall River Kings owner Steve Moreau released a statement:

It’s too early to tell how this will affect us however it’s interesting to see how the City of Cornwall wants stability in our team yet votes for a 70/30 split on advertising privileges.

We get no revenue from concessions, no revenue from beer sales, no discount on ice time, no practice ice available because of policy and forcing us to go outside the city.

Council had the choice to play fair or to play favourites. Looks like they played favourites.

It’s going to take a lot of work on everyone’s part (fans, owners, staff) and its now time for fans, sponsors and anyone who supports the team to understand this team will cost all of us to have them here.

Whether its in ticket sales, merchandise sales, paying players, etc, we will all have to spend to keep the team.

Sponsorship and season tickets are available and we’ll need to sell 2,500 season tickets to break even. I suggest buying them now to reserve your seat.

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