Seventeen injured after passenger ship strikes Eisenhower Lock

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MASSENA, N.Y. – Seventeen people were injured after a passenger ship, carrying more than 100 passengers, struck the Eisenhower Lock Thursday night.

The cruise ship M.S. Saint Laurent was scheduled to go through the locks around 9 p.m. according to the Watertown Daily Times.

Emergency crews were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m. but water rescue teams were called off, said the paper.

There were 124 people on board.

St. Lawrence County Emergency Manager Mike LeCuyer tells WWNY-TV, 17 people were examined, treated and discharged from Massena Memorial Hospital.

The lock has been drained and passengers have commented on Facebook that the ship is sitting on the concrete bed of the lock while people are being brought to safety using ladders.

The Coast guard is now investigating the accident.

According to the Great Lakes Cruise Company website, the M.S. Saint Laurent has 105 staterooms and is an ocean-going coastal vessel.

An itinerary shows the ship usually makes voyages between Montreal, Que. and Chicago, Ill.


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