Students will get report cards: public board

SD&G – Despite a work-to-rule campaign by the public elementary teachers union, the board says report cards will be issued next week.

The Upper Canada District School Board says principals are working to make sure report cards are prepared with marks to be distributed June 24, 2015.

However, the board concedes, data will be limited.

The report cards will have marks but no written comments, said the board.

“Our principals remain committed to giving parents as much information as they can about their child’s progress through the year, and that is why we have elected to send report cards,” said Human Resources Superintendent Jeremy Hobbs.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) started a work-to-rule campaign on May 11 and then escalated that job action on June 1, when teachers were advised to not attend Ministry of Education workshops or meetings and to withdraw from meetings with principals.

The province’s spring standardized testing, EQAO, was also cancelled this year for the Upper Canada District School Board, similar to many other boards across the province.

This job action does not affect Catholic schools as their teachers are with a different union.

The school year for the public board ends June 26.

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