Retirees, long service recognized at United Counties

The United Counties of SD&G recognized employees during a staff awards ceremony on June 15, 2015. Pictured, in no particular order, are Cathy Nelson, Gail Fahnrich, Harry Barr, Mildred Wheeler, Nicole Flipsen, Rebecca Russell, Dan Harper, Dan Tourigny, Lise Bender, Cheryl Servais, Dave Bourbonnais, Patti McLeod and Harry Gores. Lucia Digirolamo was unable to attend. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

SD&G – The United Counties has recognized five retirees and seven employees for their long standing service.

Three people also received awards for service recognition in three key areas.

The ceremony at the United Counties building on Pitt Street started with a tribute to Glen Baldwin, who was supposed to receive a 25 years of service award. Baldwin died unexpectedly about two weeks ago.

Cathy Nelson, Gail Fahrich and Harry Barr are retiring from the Transportation and Planning Services department. Cathy hung up her hat at the end of January while Gail and Harry will retire at the end of July and August respectively.

Mildred Wheeler in the Library Services department will retire May 31 while Nicole Flipsen in Court Services ends her career at the end of this month.

The county also recognized seven workers for long time service. They are:

  • Rebecca Russell – Financial Services – 10 years
  • Dan Harper – Financial Services – 10 years
  • Dan Tourigny – Roads Department – 30 years
  • Lise Bender – Roads Department – 25 years
  • Mildred Wheeler – Library Services – 40 years
  • Lucia Digirolamo – Library Services – 35 years
  • Cheryl Servais – Library Services – 15 years

County council closed out the Monday morning ceremony at the Pitt Street office by giving out three service recognition awards.

Dave Bourbonnais, the East Patrol Supervisor of Transportation and Planning Services, was given the Customer Service Award.

Patti McLeod, Payroll and Benefits Administrator in the Financial Services department, was given the Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership Award.

The Safety Smart Award went to Harry Gores, St. Andrews Patrol with Transportation and Planning Services.

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