COMMENTARY: Can’t you keep anything private?

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. I don’t understand what goes through people’s heads when they post on social media. Two times I have seen crimes where family of the accused would have been afforded some shroud of anonymity to go on about their life. They wouldn’t have had to deal with the shame or the guilt by association. But, instead, they disclose all on Facebook. Are they bragging about it or they are just masochists who enjoy the hateful comments from trolls or the all-out flame war from social media? One case was a minor who was afforded anonymity under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. So much for that when their mom posted on Facebook that it was her kid. So much for the law working in your favour. Now it’s the gun-toting teenager on the streets of Cornwall over the weekend. The last name of the accused wasn’t even the same as his mother but the woman identifying herself as the mother had to post “Just so its out there this is my kid.” Really? Have people forgotten the lost art of “just keep it to yourself”?

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