Medical pot producers interested in Cornwall; city to address potential facility zoning

CORNWALL – With current and potential medical marijuana facilities in Eastern Ontario and Northern New York, Cornwall is hoping to address standards should someone look to set up a facility here.

As well, four companies have approached Cornwall in the last year, looking to set up marijuana farms within city boundaries, should they get a federal licence, states a report to the planning advisory committee (PAC) Monday.

PAC is expected to ask staff to research possible location restrictions and criteria for “Medical Marijuana Production Facilities” within the city boundaries.

The report says many municipalities have addressed the new land use in their zoning bylaws and Cornwall should be no different, in order to comply with federal regulations for licenced facilities.

Cornwall could go one of two ways.

It could set up certain zones in the city where the plants would and would not be allowed. Alternatively, it would review applications case-by-case based on a set of standards.

The report states that other municipalities, such as Toronto and Ottawa, have allowed them in industrial areas by treating them as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

A meeting for public comment is tentatively scheduled for August 17 at city hall.

Smiths Falls, northwest of Brockville, has a medical marijuana facility and a Montreal company is working with Akwesasne to apply for one in Bombay, N.Y., 21 kilometers from the Canada-U.S. border crossing at Cornwall.

Monday night’s PAC meeting starts at 7 p.m. at city hall.

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