Improving job market in Cornwall region: Manpower, EOTB

CORNWALL – Manpower suggests things are looking up for job prospects in the Cornwall area this summer.

The agency’s Employment Outlook Survey released Tuesday calls for a “hopeful” hiring climate for July through September.

“It’s a positive, it’s a hopeful hiring climate, so it looks very good,” Manpower spokeswoman Lisa MacInnis said in an interview with Cornwall Newswatch.

A survey of businesses and their hiring intentions show 23 per cent planned to hire workers, none were looking at cutbacks and 77 per cent were going to keep staffing levels as is.

The results are slightly better than the national average where a survey of 1,900 employers showed 20 per cent planned to hire, five per cent planned cuts, 74 per cent were the status quo and one per cent were unsure.

“Coming into Q3 (July-September) is typically within our agency to be the period when employers are in their busiest times,” MacInnis said.

The net employment outlook for Cornwall is also six percentage points higher than the last quarter and seven points better than the same period last year.

MacInnis added there are no specific areas in Cornwall where the job market will be hot this summer.

“We don’t have any particular area that’s been highlighted,” MacInnis said, “In the past, we’ve seen construction, we’re seen service industry, but there hasn’t been any stats that have presented to us as any particular area, which is interesting.”

More people in the workforce: EOTB

The Manpower outlook comes a day after the Eastern Ontario Training Board also suggested there are improvements in the local job market.

Based on Statistics Canada data, the EOTB believes 5,800 people have reentered the workforce.

The EOTB is encouraging employers to consider flexible work arrangements in order to attract some people who may have been hesitant to head back into the workforce.

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