LTE: Flag problems in Cornwall

The following is an open letter to MP Guy Lauzon, Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and the media.

As we approach our July 1st weekend, please be reminded here as I am sure you will be in other print too. There is no legislated law but there is a matter of respect for our Canadian Flag and how it ‘should’ be flown.

Of all you have to manage, this silly issue appears unimportant to a very many uneducated or tolerable citizens and public/private corporations who we would expect to be more respectful despite language and other issues. Of note was the French Week in Lamoureaux Park. Green Lilly flag was flown at one of the tents yet no Canadian flag was evident. Therefore, may I suggest we need to fly our Canada flag high over the Amphitheatre from the centre point (front centre) at the roof angled towards the park so all languages, colors and creeds can readily recognize the country of their living.

We have three beautiful flags on standards in front of the civic complex. The three flags are all pretty much hidden in a group of deciduous and coniferous trees that have overgrown the flag heights, thus being virtually invisible to the passing traffic on Water Street or for that matter, even the civic complex parking lot. As well, the Canada flag pretty well ‘should’ be flown at a flag width higher than all others to show its rightful place as our country’s official representation.

Of particular note in the 20 points (on a Facebook page on flag etiquette) please give special attention to items two and four. Thank you for noting these comments.

Kind personal regards to each of you and have a warm, happy summer with family and friends. Most of us do not need a refresher in these things, yet we continue to ignore or passively ‘overlook’ the obvious. This is your country and mine, be proud, stand tall, as we stand together for thee.

Dave Windsor
Cornwall, Ontario

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