Watch where you park in South Dundas

Main Street in Morrisburg, seen here during the Santa Claus Parade in December 2014, is one of the many streets which have new parking restrictions. In the case of Main Street, parking is not allowed on the south side across units 5, and 45-93 of the plaza at any time. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

SOUTH DUNDAS – Keep your eyes peeled because you may notice some parking changes in the township – namely where you can’t park now and the consequences for ignoring that piece of paper in your windshield.

The municipality passed its comprehensive 22-page parking bylaw Tuesday night after a public consultation period with various stakeholders and the public.

There’s some big changes you’ll notice not only on the street but when you renew your vehicle registration or licence.

The new law also gives the municipality some legal teeth, allowing it to attach parking infractions to your licence, forcing you pay when you renew. Like Cornwall and Ottawa, the township can also come after you legally for unpaid fines.

As for where you can park, it’s now prohibited on Augusta Street in Morrisburg between Crysler Street and Shea Drive. This has traditionally been a pickup area for St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School.

The north side of Legion Street from Ottawa Street to Sir James Morris Drive and the south side from Sir James Morris Drive to 30 meters from Ontario Street is also a no-parking zone.

Other usual places where no parking is allowed – the dead-end portion of Augusta to the St. Lawrence River in Morrisburg and Hustler Crescent in Iroquois. Hustler Crescent is the top of the small T shape configured street.

And when it comes to shopping, under the new law, don’t even think of stopping outside some portions of Plaza Drive in Iroquois and Main Street at the Morrisburg Plaza.

You can be penalized if a bylaw officer catches you stopping outside Units 1 to 5 at the Iroquois Plaza and Units 45 to 93 at the Morrisburg Plaza.

Fines can range from $30-60 and $300 for parking in an accessible parking space.

Even though it has passed, the bylaw is still subject to a 30 day public review period.

Click here to review the new parking bylaw (this link will download the 2MB PDF of the agenda from the South Dundas website. The parking bylaw starts on page 28).

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