Summer watering restrictions coming down the pipe

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CORNWALL – If you’re a green thumb that enjoys watering the lawn, new rules are waiting in the wings on how often you can turn on the hose.

City councillors have already received a new lawn watering bylaw in their agenda packages this week but it won’t be discussed at Monday’s meeting.

The bylaw will actually be talked about and voted on June 22, 2015.

Under the proposal, people with even numbered addresses would be able to water on even numbered days.

Those with odd numbered addresses could turn on the sprinker on odd-numbered days.

The law would be in effect from June 15 to Sep. 30.

The minimum fine would be $300.

Buried in the five page bylaw is a clause also giving the city “absolute discretion” to impose whatever other water restrictions it sees fit to limit outside water use.

The move is meant to curb water use during the summer months when the city’s system is taxed.

The city report also points to “Climate Change” and concerns from conservationists for their decision to move on restricting water use.

“In fact, conservation-minded residents have expressed concern that excessive lawn watering is a waste of this resource,” reads the reports prepared by Municipal Works GM John St. Marseille.

The city is also painting the water tower on Tollgate Road this summer which means the 4.5 million liter tank will be out of commission for some time.

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