LTE: May God help us over attack on national anthem

Open Letter to MP Guy Lauzon, Mayor, City Council,

Some may not care for the on-line website or Facebook page for ‘The Rebel’, Canada’s former Sun News Network, yet they are among few with courage and ‘tell it like it is’ reporting.

What is happening to our Canada when first we can not say a prayer before Council Meetings and most others unless they are of a specific ‘religious nature’ and now our own Oh Canada anthem is mulled over as it has the word God in it. Fear of being sued is utterly preposterous. Are we living among sheep and lemmings here?

If you have not seen this Richmond Hill council taping (below) please be sure to take a moment of your valuable time to review this shameful, disgraceful banning. Next we’ll be banning our own flag for heavens sake. Either stand tall for what our soldiers and founding fathers stood up for or seriously remove the Constitution of the Confederation of Canada from all our offices, chamber hallways and god knows where else we shamefully pass it by saying ‘one day you will be gone too’! Do it now, or continue to live a lie. Believe in our heritage or don’t. Spare the rest of us this indignity of a thousand painful cuts. May God help us.

Dave Windsor
Cornwall, Ontario

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