Cornwall police officer pleads guilty, resigns from force

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VALLEYFIELD, Que. – A Cornwall police officer has resigned from the force amid a court case where he pled guilty to five sex-related charges.

Const. Pascal Rossignol was on trial for 10 charges involving sexual offences with minors in Quebec.

The allegations against Rossignol were levelled in October 2010 and the matter was handled by the province’s Special Investigations Unit, which also involved Quebec authorities.

The charges were laid after a two year investigation.

Rossignol has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of procuring sexual services from a person under 18, according to Cornwall police.

He will be sentenced in a Valleyfield court on September 17, 2015.

Until Thursday, Rossignol had been suspended with pay (since October 2010), awaiting his trial.

Police Chief Dan Parkinson tells Cornwall Newswatch roughly $500,000 in salary was paid out during the four years and eight months of suspension.

Parkinson says there is no recourse to recoup that money. “Creating the ability for Chiefs of Police to suspend without pay through legislative change to the Police Act, in this type of circumstance, has been pursued doggedly with the provincial government to no avail,” Parksinson said in an email.

“The Police Act needs to be opened up for some significant amendments. This type of result does not sit well with anyone,” the chief said.

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