Two police dealing with two crime scenes: Restaurant, home near SLC

CORNWALL — Broken glass litters a sidewalk on Pitt Street near Third this morning as police investigate some criminal activity.

It’s not known what took place though multiple witnesses report hearing gunshots. The front door to Cedar’s On Wheels is shattered. Police later dismissed reports of a shooting.

Inside, officers were laying out evidence place markers and taking photographs.

Meanwhile, around the same time near St. Lawrence College, police surrounded a home. They had their guns drawn as they entered the home.

It’s not know whether the two crime scenes are connected.

There are reports both St. Lawrence College, CCVS on Pitt St. and St. Columban’s on Augustus St. we’re in a hold and secure this morning but the SLC precaution had been lifted as of 11 a.m.

Back at the restaurant, O.P.P. officers then worked with the fire department to tear down the signs. Other officers were searching a car in the driveway. Officers could be seen seizing a Quebec licence plate.

Cornwall police Const. Dan Cloutier has not been available for comment.

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