Cornwall recognizes three heroes

Pictured, from left, Mayor Leslie O'Shaughnessy, city employee Corey Dwyer, Fire Chief Pierre Voisine, Zach Avery and Cameron Bennett. Corey, Zach and Cameron were honoured May 25, 2015 during a city council meeting for their heroic efforts to save three people during an apartment fire on Larin Ave. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – “These three men represent the best in humanity.”

Those words from Cornwall Fire Chief Pierre Voisine as the city recognized the heroic actions of three men during a house fire in Cornwall last week.

City employee Corey Dwyer as well as citizens Cameron Bennett and Zach Avery sprung into action to save two women and a child from a burning apartment complex on Larin Ave. on May 18.

“While on the job with the city (Corey Dwyer) just happened to be driving down Larin Avenue and noticed what was occurring and he chose to stop,” Voisine told council. “He chose to try and help the occupants, one who had already fallen from a second storey window.”

Voisine detailed the harrowing moments where Dwyer tried to find alternate ways into the building “to help this poor mother (Michaela Gauthier) and her child (Riley).”

Dwyer then stopped a car in the street, which had Cameron Bennett and Zach Avery in it.

“At which point all three of them tried to make entry to the building. They helped the occupant on the ground…then proceeded as a team to access the roof porch to hand baby Riley down safely.”

“I’m proud to introduce them to council.”

The three men received certificates of merit and also signed the golden book after receiving a standing ovation.

Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy said the three show the qualities of Cornwallites who “look after each other in times of needs. Their quick thinking and selfless actions help to avert a potentially fatal tragedy.”

“Cameron, Zach and Corey, on behalf of my colleagues of city council, thank you for your heroic actions and for reminding us what community is all about.”

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