COMMENTARY: South Dundas tourism needs to get sorted out

A section of the Morrisburg Village Plaza. (

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. The Morrisburg Village Plaza is probably the building with the most exposure in Morrisburg. It’s right at the corner of County Road 2 – the major east-west highway and County Road 31, bringing in all the traffic off Highway 401. It has a huge parking lot with multiple entrances, a grocery store and other amenities. You would think this would be the prime location to put tourist information. But for some strange reason, probably to make the multi-million dollar South Dundas Municipal Center meaningful, they tuck tourist information on a side street two blocks from the mall. Sure it’s on the street heading to the waterfront. But for somebody driving down the street, you really wouldn’t have a clue it was there. South Dundas tourism has got to be the biggest disarray of a program I’ve ever seen and even the deputy mayor suggests the municipality needs to get its proverbial head screwed on correctly. This is where hunting leads to frustration and frustration leads to people going elsewhere. A perfect example was the waterfront trail. In the evening, I could find the dog park and the beach but do you think I could find the waterfront trail? I ended up going to Ingleside instead. South Dundas needs a central tourism booth and one that’s clearly marked. It could even stand a third-party review from an “outsider”.

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