Transport truck gets entangled in hydro lines

Hydro wires lay across the top of a transport truck on Race Street after the rig became entangled in them on May 20, 2015. (Photo/Dusti Muniz)

CORNWALL ā€“ A transport truck became entangled in some overhead wires on Race Street early Wednesday afternoon.

Cornwall firefighters and a Cornwall Electric crew were called around 2 p.m.

Witness Dusti Muniz tells Cornwall Newswatch it appears the truck moved to the center of the road to avoid parked cars and snagged some wires as they were bouncing around in the high wind.

The wind at the time was gusting out of the northwest at 40 kilometers an hour at the time.

There were no reported injuries.

Race Street was blocked off at Water Street and Marlborough Street for at least a half hour to allow electric crews to free the rig.

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