Councillor looking for another $30K for arts center study

Cornwall city councillor Elaine MacDonald, seen here during a December 2014 council meeting, is proposing to add $30,000 to the $20,000 already earmarked for an arts center study. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

CORNWALL – A city councillor is hoping to draw another $30,000 from somewhere in the municipality’s coffers to pay for a comprehensive art center study.

The city budget in 2014 had already earmarked $20,000 for a feasibility study but Coun. Elaine MacDonald says more money is needed.

“We always thought we’d augment that,” Coun. MacDonald told Cornwall Newswatch Monday night. “We knew it was only seed money.”

MacDonald says another grant program outside the city was being looked at but whether that program will make a decision on the arts center study and pay out in time is questionable. “It could be delayed indefinitely so I thought we should do this rather than wait,” MacDonald said.

The councillor says, on the advice of CAO Norm Levac, she felt a total of $50,000 could get the city “a good study.”

She’s already hinted on where the money may come from. “From reserves or from, who knows, Progress Fund interest or whatever ya know? It will be up to Mrs. Adams (CFO Maureen Adams) to find the best place to find $30,000.”

Her motion on whether the city will even study adding the money will be debated in a week-and-a half.

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