COMMENTARY: Mohammad cartoonists poking the bear

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Two gunmen were shot dead Sunday outside an artists show near Dallas after opening fire on a security guard. Inside, the American Freedom Defense Initiative was holding a $10,000 contest for the best Prophet Muhammad cartoon as an exercise in free speech. But the group also needs to understand that for free speech there are consequences. As a democratic society, I believe in free speech – but that right also comes with some sensibility. When you target a religion that has radicalized factions, is that really a group you want to poke the proverbial bear with a stick? And is there really any surprise there was a shooting and deaths just like we saw with the Charlie Hebdo case in France? Free speech has to be tempered with a little bit of common sense and for Pamela Geller’s group (American Freedom Defense Initiative) they have become their own radicals in the name of free speech.

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